*exclude Tax


SmartTrade costs less than a good cup of coffee per user per day.

Office licences start at per user per month, and mobile licences are per user per month (all plus tax).

These prices include all software updates and unlimited free calls to our help desk.

There are one-off charges for installation and training.

If you are interested in SmartTrade we will email you a comprehensive proposal.


  Cost(excluding tax)
Month option Year option Cost/day*
Office licences
Essential $55 $600 $2.75
Ultimate $75 $800 $3.75
Accounting connection $20 $200 $1.00
Mobile licences
SmartTrade Mobile $30 N/A $1.50
SmartTime $10 N/A $0.50
SmartHost $35 N/A $1.75
Advanced reports Standard (ex library)$95 each
SmartForms Special** $95 each
SmartSafe NewCap (Gb) 10 20 40 100
Cost/mth $10 $16 $26 $50
Cost/Gb/mth $1.00 $0.80 $0.65 $0.50
View only license** Essential N/A $150 N/A
Ultimate N/A $200 N/A
Installation $95 per hour
Training We suggest that new users budget 2 hours for installation and 4 hours for initial training.
Database services
Customising reports /forms***
Technical support to our free help desk phone numbers during normal working hours.
AU 6:00am to 5:00pm (AEST)
NZ 8:00am to 7:00pm
Unlimited free calls to our help desk if the support call relates to SmartTrade's software products.

$95/hr if the support call isn't related to SmartTrade's software products (e.g. a customer requires a database transfer to a new computer).
Technical support outside normal working hours redirected through our free help desk phone numbers. Free if the issue relates to SmartTrade's software.

$120/hr if the support call isn't related to SmartTrade's software products (e.g. a system crash not caused by SmartTrade's software).
Updates Free-of-charge, released about every 3 months


* Monthly option, assumes 20 working days/month
** Payable annually in advance
*** We quote for the development of Special Reports and Customised SmartForms based on 
the estimated development time and our standard hourly rate of per hour.