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In previous newsletters we recommended that SmartTrade customers using MYOB AccountRight version 19 (or earlier versions) should not upgrade to AccountRight versions 2011 or 2012 due to the lack of an interface with SmartTrade.

MYOB has released a stable API for their desktop version 2015 and their hosted MYOB AccountRight Live versions.

SmartTrade has written the accounting interface for AccountRight 2015.4 the current MYOB desktop version.

The new interface will work with the MYOB AccountRight 2015 and AccountRight Live Premier, Plus and Standard edition. It will not work with their Essentials version.
Given MYOB will not be releasing an API for AccountRight versions 2011 and 2012 any SmartTrade users who have upgraded to AccountRight version 2011 or 2012 will need to upgrade to the latest AccountRight 2015 or Live version.
Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

What do SmartTrade, gangsters and cruising on a boat have in common....not a thing !! But we did combine the three for a great time at our end of year function as we spent the evening on Auckland's harbour. Calm sea, fantastic sunset in the west, full moon rising in the east - idyllic!


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SmartTrade – 2015/16 Christmas 
New Year Operating Hours

Dear SmartTrade Customer,

SmartTrade will be closing down on Xmas Eve and reopening on Tuesday 5th January.
There will be a technician on standby on the three working days between Xmas and New Year (29th to 31st December). If you call us on our support line you will be asked if you want to be put through to the standby technician.
                                  AU: 1800 350 495  NZ: 0800 327 943
A full schedule of our operating hours over the Xmas-New Year period:

   Wednesday 23rd 6am to 3pm AEST, 8am to 5pm NZT – normal service
   Thursday 24th Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Friday 25th Closed – Xmas Day
   Monday 28th Closed – Boxing Day statutory holiday
   Tuesday 29th Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Wednesday 30th Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Thursday 31st Closed – Emergency technical support service available
   Friday 1st Closed – New Year's day
   Monday 4th Closed – Statutory Holiday in NZ, Emergency technical support available
   Tuesday 5th Normal services resume

We wish you, your team and your families a very Happy Christmas and a restful and relaxing holiday season. Thank you for your support during 2015 and we look forward to working with you again in 2016.

SmartTrade Support
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In recent times we have added the following features/functionalities to SmartTrade.

SmartTrade Mobile

Kitsets are now available on SmartTrade Mobile making it possible for SmartTrade Mobile users to utilise this timesaving functionality in the field.

Occupants can now be synced on SmartTrade Mobile.


SmartForms are attached to jobs in SmartTrade Ultimate or Essential in the office. The jobs are then dispatched to SmartTrade Mobile users in the field who fill out and upload the forms to the cloud.
SmartTrade customers must be running version 6.1.19 of either SmartTrade Essential or Ultimate to be able to use SmartForms.

{modal|width=640|height=505|title=Argus Fire Protection Case study}Watch this video case study with Argus Fire Protection using SmartForms {/modal}

Google Calendar integration

This feature enables SmartTrade users to dispatch appointments from the SmartTrade schedule to the Google Calendar schedule on smart devices, great for sending appointments to your staff on their smart phones. It is not yet possible to sync appointments from the smart device’s Google Calendar back to the SmartTrade schedule.

Read more about the Google Calendar integration

SMS Messaging – available with SmartTrade Essential and Ultimate

We have now made SMS texting a standard feature of SmartTrade Essential and Ultimate. In earlier versions of SmartTrade Office SMS was licenced as an add-on module.

SMS users will still need to purchase SMS credits.
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We have prepared a “tips” sheet to assist our customers successfully mobilising their business.

The “tips” sheet itemises a number of common sense strategy points, suggests possible responses to employee and employer soft issues and outlines possible device factors. It also includes a sample agreement for the use of both company owned and BYOD mobile devices.

Please click here to view the full document.