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New functionality list for mobile and version 6 users.

Listed below you will find a new set of functions and features now available to all those using SmartTrade Mobile and SmartTrade Version 6.

V6 essential and ultimate
  • Sub Jobs. Now you have the ability to create sub-jobs . They are a complete stand-alone job, but can share the same job number plus a unique identifier for each sub-job. To create a sub-job, edit the job and click Other action => Create sub-job

  • Ability to unaccept a quote. This will allow you to change the quote before accepting it again, or accept a different quote. 

  • Job Pictures. Photo capture for Jobs.

  • Ability to Create new Quote jobs on your device, or dispatch existing Quote jobs to your device that either have or don’t have an accepted quote. The Add Job page on mobile asks if you want to add a Quote job or a Charge-up job.

  • Ability to Add/ Edit / Delete Costing line items for a Quote job.

  • Ability to Create a new Quote on mobile.

  • Ability to Find Clients that are not currently on your mobile device and download them to your device. This would then allow you to add a new job for the client and/or view all details for the client including notes and customisable fields.  If a client is downloaded to your mobile device, ALL the sites for the client will be downloaded. Each client has an action to allow you to no longer keep the client on your mobile device, e.g. if you only downloaded it temporarily to view some details for it.

All forms linked to a job, or linked to an asset which is linked to a job can have any or all of the following flags. These flags are maintained in the office. Forms that are not applicable will not be sent to the mobile devices. The flags are:
  • Form is mandatory

  • Form will pop-up when the job is opened on the mobile device

  • Form is not applicable for this job.

There have been many more additions to this list however these are the ones we felt were most anticipated. 
Read more about the full list of recent features and upgrades please click here.

Because our customer service team is often the first point of contact between your business and SmartTrade so we thought it was about time you saw who you were talking to. 

shane Shane Jefferys - Customer Support Facilitator

Shane’s a recent recruit brought into the SmartTrade team to fill the role of Customer Support Facilitator.

Shane’s usually your first point of contact when you call SmartTrade, if he can’t answer your question he will put you in touch with the person who can.
Outside of work Shane’s heavily involved in theatre, in the New Year he will playing a leading part in the Auckland Theatre Group’s production of Pride and Prejudice.
shree Sheree Mckillop - Accounts Manager 
Sheree’s the Accounts Manager here at SmartTrade dealing with anything from invoicing and payment plans to sales and general help inquiries. Sheree’s been with SmartTrade since 2003 so it's safe to say she knows her way around the system. So if you have any invoicing queries, payments that need sorting or just need general help with SmartTrade Sheree’s more than capable to deal with whatever comes her way.
When she’s not at work she can often be found enjoying Auckland’s spectacular and rugged west coast beaches. Sheree loves her dogs, she even did a degree in canine management, so walks on the beach are mandatory. Grumpy, one of her dogs famously can collect beers from the bar, then return to pay the tab – seeing is believing!

michelle Michelle Davis - Key Customer Manager
Michelle’s our Key Account Manager primarily spending her time working with SmartTrade users to show just how effective SmartTrade can be. Michelle worked for SmartTrade from 2002 to 2005 before returning to the SmartTrade fold earlier this year. Coming from a family civil engineering business Michelle has extensive experience in construction and trade services including the marine industry so has an excellent insight into how SmartTrade can fit into a range of businesses.
Outside of work Michelle’s family is involved in offshore power boat racing with a boat in the NZ Offshore Power Boat Racing’s Classic Class Series
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SmartTrade incorporates many time saving short-cuts, some of these are standard Microsoft short-cuts, others are SmartTrade short-cuts.

Below is a list of SmartTrade's short-cuts



F1 key

Pressing the Function 1 key from anywhere in SmartTrade opens up the help file at the relevant place.


Use ENTER when

If you are typing search data into a search field you can press ENTER at any time to start the search, you don’t have to scroll across to the SEARCH button.

Working in a field

If the field name has an asterisk*

Right clicking into the field will allow more features.

Home key

Move to the beginning of the current field.

End key

Move to the end of the current field.

Tab key Move to the next field in the tabbing order.

Shift+Tab keys Move to the previous field in the tabbing order.

CTRL+C keys
Highlight text in a field then hold down CTRL and press C to copy it to the clipboard, the text in the field is unchanged.

CTRL+X keys
Highlight text in a field then hold down CTRL and press X to copy it to the clipboard, the text in the field is deleted.

CTRL+V keys
Click into a field then hold down CTRL and press V to paste text from the clipboard into the field.

CTRL+A keys
(Select all)
Click into a field then then hold down CTRL and press A to select/highlight all text in the field.

Working in Rich     text fields

(i.e. those where you can choose a font and size)
CTRL+D key

Click into a rich text field then then hold down CTRL and press D to insert a data/time/name stamp into the field.
CTRL+F key Hold down CTRL and press F to open and edit a rich text field in a separate window.

Screen tips

Hide the expanded tool bar to create more screen room Click the small up arrow on the top black menu bar to hide the expanded toolbar and give you more room on your screen.
Click the arrow again to restore the menu bar.
CTRL+Tab key Move between SmartTrade screens when you have multiple screens opened.

ESC key Click on the ESC key to close the active SmartTrade screen.

Grid tips

Customising the grid

Right-click on any column HEADERS of a grid for many options for hiding columns, pinning a favourite column etc

Filtering in the grid

All of SmartTrade’s grids have a small ‘filter’ symbol on each column heading. Click this symbol to choose options to further reduce the items shown in the grid.

View the latest note in the Find Jobs grid or Find Clients grid

Right-click on a Job in the Find Jobs grid, or a Client in the Find Clients grid and choose View Latest Note from the menu. The latest note that has been added or updated will be displayed in a small box. This will let you quickly read the latest information without having to edit the job or client first.

Email tips

Choose a different email address Clicking on the “TO” button when emailing any report (e.g. invoices, quotes and orders) opens a small search screen allowing you to find all other contacts to select from.
Keep a record of the quote or invoice emails sent from the SmartTrade

While a user can confirm if a quote or invoice has been emailed out of SmartTrade by looking in the History tab as per below, they are not able to see the actual contents of the email.

To keep a “sent” record of emails dispatched from SmartTrade set up email preferences in the BCC list to send a copy to your email account.


Monitoring who is logged in

Go to Administration => License Keys => Logged in users tab to see who are all the users currently logged in – and force them to log off if necessary.


Working in the Job Sheet tab of a job

Select only items that have quantities to an order or invoice Ticking the top tickbox on the jobsheet twice will un-tick the items that have a zero quantity to either order or invoice.
Adding bulk line items to a job

When adding line items to a job, you are able to multi-select many rows on the “Add New Line Item” form using Shift/Ctrl keys, and then click Add to add them all in bulk (all with the quantity shown in the quantity field). This is much quicker than selecting one item and adding, then selecting the next item and adding…
Working in the Find:Invoice/Orders
/Quote screens
Open the job from the Find Invoices, Find Orders or Find Quote screens Right-click on an invoice in the Find Invoices grid and choose “Edit Job” to open this invoice’s job. You can do the same from the Find Orders and Find Quote screens.

Create a credit from the Find Invoices grid Right-click on any invoice in the Find Invoices grid and choose “Create Credit Invoice” to make an exact reversal of the invoice.
Working in the Quote screen

Accepting a Quote straight after creating it

When you have created a quote and you want to accept it straight away, create the quote and click Save, then go straight up to the Quote Status field and change to “Accepted”. This is much quicker than closing the quote, then having it find it again to accept it.
Working in the Schedule

Floating Schedule 

Clicking on the Floating schedule icon in the Jobs menu opens up a floating schedule that can be moved to a second screen. We recommend using two computer screens for working in the schedule, that way you can continue working in other areas of SmartTrade while still having the schedule open.
F5 key Pressing the Function 5 key refreshed the data in the schedule.

ALT+J keys Hold down ALT key and press J to open up a list of jobs to schedule.

ALT+R keys Hold down ALT key and press R to refresh the data in the schedule

Sync the SmartTrade schedule to a Google calendar Set up Google calendar sync with SmartTrade and then set up in the preferences in Google to:
  • Receive an email with an agenda for the day – Google will send an email at 5AM each morning with the days schedule as set up in SmartTrade
  • Receive reminders – Google can send an email reminder before an appointment is due
Sync the SmartTrade schedule to an Outlook calendar If using Outlook – use the Google Calendar Sync software to add Appointments/Jobs to your Outlook calendar – this works only one-way from the SmartTrade schedule to the Outlook calendar.

A bit of “Santa Claus” humour to finish the year with!

Policeman vs the Kid!

On Christmas morning, a policeman on horseback came across a kid riding a brand new bike.

The policeman asked "Did Santa give you that bike".

When the kid answered “yes” the policeman said "well, next time tell Santa to put a tail light on it!" and handed the him a fine. 

As the policeman was leaving, the kid asked "did Santa give you the horse?"

The policeman jokingly said “yes” to which the kid retorted, "well, next time tell Santa to put the dick underneath the horse, not on top!"

Santa’s problems!

One Christmas, a long time ago, Santa Claus was getting ready for his annual trip; but there were problems ...... everywhere!!

Four of his experienced elves were away sick and production was lagging badly, the trainee elves couldn’t produce toys as fast as the regular ones!!

Then, Mrs. Claus popped in to tell Santa that her mother has just arrived to stay for Christmas!!

Santa went to harness the reindeer only to find three of them were lame and two had jumped the fence and run away, heaven knows where to!!

Then, just when he began to load the sleigh the doorbell rang giving him a huge surprise, several large toy-bags fell to the ground, scattering their contents all over the place!!

Needless to say, Santa Claus was in the worst of all possible moods, in terms of playing the “Bad Santa” role Billy Bob Thornton never got close to how bad tempered the real Santa was feeling this day!!

Santa went to the door expecting another problem. But when he opened it, there was a little angel with a great big Christmas tree that she had brought especially to cheer him up.

The angel greeted him very cheerfully!!

 "Merry Christmas Santa Claus. Isn't it just a wonderful day? I have a beautiful tree for you. See, isn't

it just the loveliest Christmas tree you've ever seen?”

“Oh, I see your elves are taking it really easy ahead of their Christmas break - and who is this lovely old lady, is she your mother?”

“I do believe it’s my lucky day, friendly hunters gave me some fresh meat from two reindeer they shot just down the road. I would love to share my good luck with you by giving you some of the meat for your dinner – no, looking at that huge tummy of yours I will give you it all!!!”

“By the way, where would you like me to put the Christmas tree?"

Thus began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree!!!!!!!!!

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Season's greetings from the team at SmartTrade!

SmartTrade thanks our customers for their support during 2015 and wishes everybody a happy and prosperous 2016.

Please enjoy the read

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